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AGV  "Tugcart"

─ Low floor, compact and high power tag cart automates transfer work. ─


 Ultra low floor slim body 

Total height 190mm × total width 360mm

Maximum traction
weight 1t !

Load capacity: 500 kg to 1 ton

Easy to create courses, change layouts, flexibly respond to process changes!

Safe function and abundant external signal input equipment!


System operation example

Variation / specification




 >  System operation example


● Start instruction by the operator

An operator presses the conveyor complete button at the end of work
The ground side photoelectric tube is turned on (light emission) by the signal from the conveyor control panel
Tugcart receives the ON of the ground side phototube and sends out automatically

● Shutter and standby control

Tugcart receives the shutter open confirmation and the passage crossing OK signal from the ground control panel through the optical communication unit
Tugcart starts with crossing OK instruction
After Tugcart passes through the aisle, it sends the completion to the ground side

● Branch control

Stop just before the turning point
Receive left and right branch instructions from the ground side through the optical communication unit
​Tugcart runs according to the instruction

● Automatic transport of basket carts
  (automatic connection / disconnection)

Connection instruction from the mark plate on the ground
Electric coupling pin ascends and connects with trolly
Destination indication at point A and B received from optical communication unit
Trolly separation instruction from the mark plate on the ground at the separation point
Electric coupling pin descends and separates the carriage and starts


 >  Many variations


Standard body type (24AH battery specification)   Standard body type (38AH battery specification)

Suitable for pulling relatively small and
light trolley with a total length of 2,000 mm or less


High-capacity battery type with standard body size.
※ We may not be able to attach high capacity battery by option.

Long body type (24AH battery specification)   Long body type (38AH battery specification)

Ideal for pulling heavy trolley
with a total length of more than 2,000 mm.



Recommended for Long-time, high-load operation site or electromagnetic brake installed (option).
※ If electromagnetic brake is attached, the operation time will be shortened by about 30%.




 >  Option

Machine equipment option

1. Electric coupling pin Used for automatic connection and disconnection with the trolley. Up and down oders are given by reading a mark plate.

2. Abnormality display / address setter Used as an error code display and an address setting panel at the time of error recovery of relative address specification.
※ In the case of relative address method, it is a required option.

3. Electromagnetic brake Brake for holding position when stopped.
※ 38AH battery specification is recommended when the electromagnetic brake is attached.

4. External start with optical communication unit Start signal can be sent from optical communication unit with the ground control board instruction. (Tugcart receives signal)

5. Electric jack Lift the wheel from the ground with a caster jack that lifts up the front of the tag cart.
​Useful when moving Tugcart manually.

① High precision speed control encoder Speed controller for customers who require speed accuracy

 Peripheral option

Peripheral device option

battery carrying tray

traveling remote control

spare battery unit



Please feel free to contact us with product details, questions and inquiries.

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