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Indoor Air Quality Solution - VOC Deodorizer / Air purifier / Silent nano diffuser

VOC Deodorizer / Air purifier ( Eco Clean Lab II )

Manufacturer: System One Co., Ltd​ 

With 「Power」 of active carbon and silver filter, organic solvent, floating fungus and odor can be strongly absorbed! Purifying our air!

Organic solvent

VOC odor



Anti virus Moldy odor Floating fungus Hazardous substances
House dust Tobacco odor Pet smell Aging odor

Clear all kinds of abnormal odor and foul air

The tiny particles which will affect our health can be absorbed also!


High-performance filter can absorb the nanoparticle, gas and odors, which are smaller than PM2.5


Remove house dust.

Activated carbon filter

Absorb the organic solvent gas, odor, floating fungus, virus, bacteria, etc.

Silver filter

Neutralizing after absorb floating fungus, bacteria, virus, formaldehyde, etc.


LED shows the air pollution level

Display of Air Pollution Values

LED shows the air pollution level
Level of PM2.5 Color of LED Airflow speed
10~79  Green  1(Low)
80~149  Blue  2  
150~199 3(Middle)
200~249  Purple  4  
250~299 5(High)
300~  Red 


Active carbon filter + silver filter Test Data

Reduce hazardous substances in only 10 minutes! Tremendous effect for virus and bacteria!

Experimental Data Place the machine in a 1mglass box, and pour the organic solvent in to the evaporating dish which is 50cm from desk. Start the fan to evaporate it and then start our machine. Turn on the machine to test under Auto mode.
Testing condition: Ambient temperature 20℃~22℃, humidity 35~38%


Silver filter test data

Decrease rate after passing the filter by pollen

Initial testing value101.31μg

Difference n Remnant
Cry j1量(ng)



Deviation Allergen
Silver filter 1 0.89 1.14 0.52


2 1.74
3 0.8
  1 76.69 77.29 1.14 -
2 78.61
3 76.58

Experimental data: Add the solution in a container of 40mm×40mm, and it is illuminated by fluorescent lamp over 48 hours. Then it is tested through ISA.
Testing condition: illuminated by 1200±250 reaction temp 4℃

Inspection agency: ITEA Tokyo Institute of environmental inflectious diseases

Experimental data: Drop bacterial solution in the silver coating vessel, and it is illuminated by a 20W fluorescent lamp, which is 10cm far away. 50% infection rate of cultured cells in the solution is reduced after a period of time (TCID50/ml).
Inspection agency: Kitasato University

Experimental Data: Antbacterial ability of filter   Experimental condition: Sunlight, fluorescent lamp
Experimental session Kyoto Institue of Biology



Model EL-5000 Room Size 31~54m2 Weight 8.1kg
Power Supply AC100~220V 50/60Hz Removal ability of particulate matters 5.1 Dimension Length 390 x width 230 x height 625 mm
Power Consumption 73W (Max.) Deodorization method Physical Operating condition Temp. 0~40℃  HR 10~85%
(limited to non-corrosive gas, indoor environment)
Air Flow Speed Max. 450 m2/h (adjust 6 levels available) Material ​(main part) ABS


Latest Update 11 Feb 2020
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