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Tent Warehouse, High Speed Sheet Shutter, FA Products , Energy Saving Products

We will deliver Japanese quality from design to installation of Membrane Structure.
We also handle Uniflow Sheet Shutters and various Doors.

The Tent Warehouse that realizes low cost, short delivery time, and energy saving,
and a cargo handling area Tent Roof that can be flexibly designed according to the space
and application will improve the distribution of customers.
​We are also installing Sheet Shutters that are effective in improving the air-conditioning effect and insect repellent by increasing the airtightness for the entrance and exit of the factory and the partition of the workplace.


Products Information

Tent Warehouse

The Tent Warehouse can be designed freely, with a short construction period and at low cost. The Membrane Structure, which blocks the hot sunlight but is bright inside the warehouse, is suitable for the climate of Thailand.

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Sheet Shutter  Jetter / Smoother

The Sheet Shutter improves indoor air conditioning efficiency and shuts out foreign objects from entering. It is effective for safe, clean and energy-saving work environment and quality improvement.

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Tent Roof

The Tent Roof can be used for various purposes such as
a cargo handling area, a temporary storage for products,
a parking roof, a canteen, a rest area, a walkway in a Factory,
an outdoor work place in case of rain.

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Swing Door / Sliding Door
Strip Curtain


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Latest Update 03 Nov 2023
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