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Comprehensive manufacturer of packaging

​​Comprehensive manufacturer of packaging

For nearly 50 years, we have continually strived to produce high quality products and gained customer trust. We intend to try a variety of approaches utilizing our accumulated technology on an eco-friendly footing to provide even higher quality products.

Product Line:
Cardboard boxes, Offset-printed boxes, Fancy boxes, Plastic cardboard cases, Polyethylene sacks, Vacuum forming products, Wood pallets, Cardboard pallets​, Tape, Cushioning and packaging material



We design packaging not only to protect products safely but also to ensure high workability and economic efficiency. We also propose packaging designs with an emphasis on resource protection and environmental conservation.


We design products to meet customers’needs using up-to-date computer technology. As part of the design, we can provide information such as strength testing.


Our production is based on thorough quality management to ensure high-quality packaging. Production lines can be viewed by customers on request. Please feel free to contact us if interested.


Cardboard boxes, Paper boxes, Cushioning, Plastic cardboard

Anti-corrosion paper

What's New

◆Our Chonburi factory obtained FSC™ certification.

THAI KITAHARA LTD. consider the growing need for environmentally friendly products, and got FSC™ certification.
The FSC™ trademark can be printed on the products with the FSC™ certified raw material.


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◆New factory debuted on Feb, 2020 exclusively for Corrugated plastic cases

We are proud to announce that new production site at Kabinburi I.Z to supply a range of hollow-construction plastic cases started running on Feb, 2020. Variety of corrugated plastic sheet forms are provided as well.
The light weight and excellent water-resistance packing materials can be eco-friendly solution attributed to repeatable and returnable methods.
Our make-to-order production system enables to customization to meet market demands.
High-quality accompanied by quick delivery will be surely promised.
Consult us for further details.

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◆Digital Printing Service on corrugated box !
  Brand-new Ink-Jet printer available.

Unlike conventional cost of proof is incurred, you can place an order start from 1 box or No-MOQ required which is suitable for high-mix low volume, samples and trials.

⇒ 『Digital Printing』 page

◆Cardboard pallets​


⇒ 『Cardboard pallets​』 page

◆Testing Machine

⇒ 『Equipment』 page

Ring Crush Tester

Compression Tester

Drop Tester

Bursting Strength Tester

Temperature & Humidity Chamber




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