Holidays of Song Krang Festival 2021

Please be informed that, due to the Songkrang holiday, we will be close from April 10th, to April 18th.
We will be open as usual from 19th April.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Member introduction

We are total printing company. CPC DECAL CO., LTD. was established in Thailand in October 1998 with direct support from Japan’s headquarter, CPC JAPAN Co., Ltd. and another group company in Singapore, Decal Singapore Pte. Ltd. which has been operating since 1988. Introducing latest technology and production facilities as well as technical cooperation from Japan and Singapore, we are operating our production under the complete production and quality control system. CPC DECAL CO., LTD. is committed to continual improvement of quality and service with appropriate cost efficient to enhance customer satisfaction.

Printing Products

We produce various printed products, especially labels and stickers. As a company with a profound knowledge and experience in special printing, we provide various printing solutions to every customer.

Seal Printing
Off Set Printing
Silk Screen Printing
Thermo Printing
Perfume printing
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We can support Seal printing, Offset printing, Silk screen printing products. And aslo Special printing products. You can order small lot~large lot.
We can support you as per your request. We will produce high quality products under strict quality control.

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Recent update

02 Apr 2021
We have updated our used machine list.
02 Apr 2021
[updated Maker List] Sale of Machine tools,Machine tool peripherals, Machine,Measuring equipment, Industrial equipment
01 Apr 2021
[MIM Technical Newsletter Vol.27] Tungsten (W) application in MIM
01 Apr 2021
Hamasho Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
[New products] Asyril : Flexible Feeding Systems
25 Mar 2021
Techniques Surfaces (Thailand) Ltd. / TS Thailand
[New] Malaysia Factory - Nitriding Surface Treatment and PVD Coating services



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