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Safe and environmentally-friendly product

Unique and functional metalworking oil, surface-treatment medical agent, ultrasonic cleansing machine and other related products are offered to every kind of industrial business fields.

Achievement delivery to various industries

Automotive, Industrial machinery, Smartphone, Semiconductor, Airplane, Medical equipment, Home Appliances, Housing, DIY, etc.

Washer System

●Ultrasonic Washing Machine for Hydrocarbon Solvents
●Spray System for Water Based Cleaning Agents

Solvent Cleaner

This highly-functional cleansing agent was uniquely developed, taking account of the environment and recycle rate.

●High-performance Hydrocarbon Solvent
●High-performance Cleaning Agent

Press Oil

We have delivered to varied business fields, such as light electrical, car and metal product manufacturers.

●Chlorine-free Press Oil
●No Cleaning Required Press Oil

R&D Center

We can try out and analyze press oils, cleaning agents and washing systems.
We provide the best solution to customers by trying out and analyzing.

Recent update

19 Jan 2021
System Upgrade Solution BKK Co., Ltd.
15 Jan 2021
We have updated our used machine list.
13 Jan 2021
Hanshin Neji (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
[Update Newsletter] January 2021
11 Jan 2021
[MIM Technical Newsletter Vol.24] The latest trend of quality management of metal powder
11 Jan 2021
System Upgrade Solution BKK Co., Ltd.
[COVID Measure] Karakuri Dispenser : Alcohol Gel Dispenser Stand



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