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Production of Plastic Extrusions (TPO, PVC etc), 3D Printing Filament

A 3D printer showroom including a conveyor type has been completed at the Thai factory! (January 2023)

PLA printing of very long products is possible with a conveyor transfer system. 2 meter samples are available.


We can print from general materials such as PLA and ABS to our own unique super flexible filament. Hotty Polymer's 3D printer "SDS I" is also on display. You can check the specifications by operating the actual machine.

"Green Industry Level 2" certification by the Ministry of Industry of Thailand

Opened a large 3D printer showroom at the Kuki Factory ​(Nov 2021)

In November 2021, our parent company, Hotty Polymer Co., Ltd., opened a large 3D printer showroom boasting 100 square meters in the Kuki factory, our main production base.

In Kanto area's largest showroom, you can see various models such as MEX, FDM method, silicone rubber 3D printer, in-house developed 3D printer, stereolithography, etc. at once.

All models are on display in operation, and we also support sampling orders from users.

Please experience Hotty Polymer's 3D printer once.

Silicone 3D printer "LiQ320"
installed in a clean room

World-famous "Raise 3D" printer
as an industrial 3D printer

3D printer for super engineering plastics such as PEEK “Intamsys”

Hotty polymer brand 3D printer "SDsI" developed in-house

The latest software called

Meeting space with customers

Subcon Thailand 2020  (Sep 2020) 

Thank you for visiting our booth at SUBCON THAILAND 2020 !

Date: 23-26 SEP 2020

​​Venue:BITEC(Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre)

Subcon Thailand 2020​


Subcon Thailand 2019  (May 2019)

We took part in Plastic and Rubber oriented exhibition,
Wed. 8 – Sat. 11 May 2019, BITEC Bangna​



Excellent smoothness surface and abrasion resistance resin extrusion products.


Subcon Thailand 2018  (May 2018)

We took part in Plastic and Rubber oriented exhibition,
Wed. 16 – Sat. 19 May 2018, BITEC Bangna​



T-PLAS 2017  (Sep 2017)

We took part in Plastic and Rubber oriented exhibition, T-Plas 2017, from Wed 20, Sep - Fri, 23, Sep. 

T PLAS 2015 (Official Video)


SUBCON THAILAND 2017  (May 2017)

Wed. 17 – Sat. 20 May 2017, BITEC Bangna

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