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K-Tech Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mold design / manufacturing-resin molding-press-board mounting-painting / printing-assembly

“Module-Base Finished Goods Assembly” Capacity Up

​One-Stop Production from Parts to Finished Products

K-Tech provides wide range in-house and one-stop manufacturing services from mold design, injection, silk printing
​and finished goods assembly. We respond flexibly and ​promptly to meet customers’ various necessity and needs.

Not only simple injection, but we also cope with decorative plastic parts, metal pressing,
electronic surface mounting and assembly production processes.

We have ample know-how in various industries such as automobiles, home appliances,
OA equipment, and medical devices.

Integrated Production Process

We endeavor cost deduction to customers through our integrated one-stop production system with prompt response.

Clean Factory

Thorough dustproof and temperature control not only adopted at the worksites, but also all facilities of the entire factory. We maintain the same cleanliness from beginning.

Delivery Management through Trilateral Cooperation

Japanese head office monitors R&D, while China, Thailand and Mexico provide mass production with strict delivery management.

Our Typical Production Processes

► Mold-Making 

► Injection 

► Surface Mounting 

► Decoration
​(Painting / Printing)

► Assembly

► Metal Pressing


Latest Update 19 Dec 2022
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