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K-Tech Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mold design / manufacturing-resin molding-press-board mounting-painting / printing-assembly

One-Stop Production System:
From R&D to Finished Products


Plastic Injection

Surface Mounting

Metal Pressing

Painting & Printing




     We have ample experience in injection and metal pressing mold-design and mold-making. To realize speedy and highly precise R&D, we make use of skillful techniques and well-trained personnel to cope with customers’ needs.  
     Specifically speaking, we design an injection mold by making use of mold flow analysis software to secure both the mass productivity and assure the best quality.



Machining Center [MAKINO]
All 7 units

Electric Discharge Machine [Sodick / Makino] 
All 3 units

Wire-Cut Machine [Sodick / Makino]
All 4 units

Surface Grinding Machine [Okamoto] 
All 4 units

Craftsmanship of Polishing, Finishing & Mold Fitting

Storage of Mold Making / Repairing Parts

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Plastic Injection

     Plastic injection is the starting point of our mass production process. We are specialist in insert molding of precise automobile parts industry. We have a wide range of production items such as high precision exterior parts, high precision mechanism parts, and three-dimensional exterior parts.

Horizontal molding machine  
18t~350t [Sumitomo]  
All 43 units

Vertical molding machine
100t [JSW] 3 units
75t [Sumitomo] 2 units, All 5 Units


Keep production clean by separating material supply, worksite and inspection areas.

Fully Automatic Runner Cutting Process

Computerized Production Management

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Surface Mounting(SMT)

High Density Mounting from Single-sided to Multi-Layers

Minimum board size Maximum board size Part size
L50×W50 mm L330×W250 mm 0402~45×100mm Height > 6.5mm


YS12F, YS12P, YCPⅡ [Yamaha Line] 


LED Lighting Mounting


Metal Pressing

      In-house metal pressing production to supply metal conductive parts for insert-molded (integrated molding) of electrical components for automobile industry.
      By this in-house metal pressing process, we can realize speedy and high quality with low cost production.

Progressive Servo Pressing Machine
110T [Aida]

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Painting and Printing


Printing Masking Set with JIG  


Manual Spray Painting by Skilled Personnel


Hardening and Drying Process


Tampo Printing for Cubic or Curved Surface


Device/Module Assembly


Laser Engraving or Laser Marking

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