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Thai Takasago Co., Ltd.
Designing and constructing HVAC systems, electrical facilities, Clean Room and IoT System,etc.

Thai Takasago is a Thailand-based affiliated company of Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. By utilizing Japanese advanced technologies for HVAC (Air Conditioning System), Clean Room, Fire Protection, Plumbing and all types of constructions, we design, construct and maintain the whole factory facilities, residences, commercial buildings and mixed-use buildings.

Our services range anywhere from general air-conditioning, Clean Room, Dry Room, temperature/humidity control, Fire Protection, Sanitary, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical System.

When it comes to factory facilities, you can count on us. Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. we have well-experienced M&E Contractors with more 20 years of professional experience.

We promise to offer you the finest and the best high-quality services guaranteed by Japanese specialists.


Core Business

We, with our own sophisticated technology, provide you comprehensive HVAC-based systems engineering services for planning, designing, constructing and maintaining of all types of buildings, factorys and facilities.


Clean Room
Dry Room


Mechanical Work

Electrical Work

Fire Protection System

For Rental Factory

Solar Panel


Swirling Induction Type
HVAC System


IoT Service

LOMA (Link, Operate, Monitor and Analyze) is an Thai Takasago Original IoT system designed to utilize the HVAC system.


New normal with COVID 19
Air Purifier ERU

Capturing viruses floating in the air by small particle with a HEPA filter used in the operating room.

It can be used in any scene such as Canteen, Office, Meeting room and Classroom.

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Latest Update 19 May 2022
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