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SWIT® - Swirling Induction Type HVAC System


SWIT® is an air conditioning system from Takasago Thermal Engineering that features advanced replacement ventilation technology. SWIT induces ambient air by swirling the air flow, enabling it to operate with low air volume and a blowing temperature close to the work area/residential area, thus making it possible to maintain comfortable environment while saving energy and cost.


Comfortable air conditioning for residential areas and excellent ventilation efficiency

Compact air outlet


Achieving both comfort and energy conservation, with a 40% reduction in air conditioning energy use

SWIT® is a thermal statification type air conditioning system which uses the natural principle that warm air rises and cold air falls. The contaminated hot air is lifed up to the ceiling and the environment in the working area is kept clean and comfortable. The air flow rate is lower than with conventional mixed flow ventilation and air conditioning is possible with an outlet air temperature which is close to room temperature, making it possible to construct air conditioning systems with lower energy spaces and spaces where the heat generation load, thermal load from the outside air or particle generation are high. It can also be used as a measure to reduce energy consumption in clean rooms (JIS Class 6 - 8). It has already been installed in more than 170 buildings in Japan and overseas, including in factories, gymnasiums and atriums. Since January 2103, we have added a resin swirler to our line-up, to improve processing performance.


 Reduce Annual Energy Consumption & Initial Construction Cost


 Product introduction video





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