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Lubricant and Grease for automobile and industry

Rubber Oil / Base Oil


Rubber Oil

ASTM Industrial Reference Oil

Model : IRM 901 (20L) / IRM 902 (20L) / IRM 903 (20L)

Oil used for the testing of parts of rubber products according to JIS K6258 and ASTM D471 standards.

Lubricants for steel cords (Twisting / Stranding Wire)

Model : JSO TN-50 (20L) (200L)

Lubricants used in the manufacture of steel cords of a radial tire by high-speed cord twisting machine. The product prevents distortion and breakage in the manufacturing process and is highly compatible with various types of polymers and therefore prevents the separation of steel cords from rubber after the tires are manufactured.

Paraffinic Process Oil

Model : SUNPAR 107 (20L) (200L) / SUNPAR 110 (20L) (200L)
        SUNPAR 115 (20L) (200L)
 / SUNPAR 150 (20L) (200L)
        SUNPAR 2100 (20L) (200L) / SUNPAR 2280 (20L) (200L)

Paraffinic Process Oil contains more than 55% of Paraffin Hydrocarbon element, making it highly resistant to contamination and heat. The product is capable of maintaining color stability and is ideal for the manufacturing of EPDM and Butyle Rubber.

Paraffinic Oil

Model : ST-106 (200L) / ST-110 (20L) (200L) / ST-150 (20L) (200L)
        ST-115 (20L) (200L) / ST-120 ( 200L) / ST-410 (T) (20L) (200L)
        ST-2280 (20L) (200L)

Product volume Manufactured in accordance with the standards of ASTMD-445 and HS Code which are widely used in manufacturing industries, the product offers multiple levels of viscosity and is ideal for the manufacturing of rubber parts with high heat resistance property.

Naphthenic Process Oil

Model : SUNTHENE 410 (20L) (200L) / SUNTHENE 415 (20L) (200L)
        SUNTHENE 450 (20L) (200L) / SUNTHENE 480 (20L) (200L)
        SUNTHENE 4130 (20L) (200L) / SUNTHENE 4240 (20L) (200L)
        SUNTHENE 250J (20L) (200L)

Naphthenic Process Oil is known for its color insensitivity under heat or ultraviolet. The product contains aromatic substance making it applicable to all types of rubber. The product has undergone the hydro-refining process and therefore making it compliant with the European Union’s carcinogenic standards.

Aroma-Free Process Oil

Model :
SUNPURE N 90 (200L) / SUNPURE NX90 (200L) / SUNPURE P22 (20L) (200L)
SUNPURE P32 (20L) (200L) / SUNPURE LW70 (200L) / SUNPURE LW500 (200L)
SUNPURE LW500 (200L) / SUNPURE P32T (200L) / SUNPURE P100T (200L)
SUNPURE P100 SW (20L) (200L)

The aroma-free rubber process oil that has been refined through an advanced hydro-refining process to eliminate all sulphur compounds, making it highly resistant to heat and humidity and ideal for the manufacturing of products with color-change sensitivity.



Model : ST-20A (200L)

Aromatic rubber oil that is well-known for its viscosity according to the standards of ASTMD-445 and HS Code 27079900. Manufactured from oil from well-selected refineries and having multiple levels of viscosity such as TDAE, MES and DAE, the product can be used as a compound in the manufacturing process of various types of rubber products.


Base Oil

Base Oil

Model : SN 150 (BULK) / SN 500 (BULK) / BS 150 (BULK)

Derived from the refining of crude oil, Base Oil can be used as the fundamental ingredient for upstream manufacturing of other products such as industrial lubricant oils in multiple industries.


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