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As a total fastening products supplier, our technology and reliable global networking meet customers demands


─ Our Strength of Tokyo Byokane ─

★ VA Proposal 

We are confident of our competitive Engineering techniques and products means of "proposal ability for Alternatives" which providing them with the best ideas and solutions on their themes. Our experiences, we have ever done through various industries, make workflow streamlined and speed up indeed.

▼▼ Success Stories of VA ▼▼

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★ Worldwide Procurement system 

We leverage our hundreds of local and worldwide partners and affiliates to provide valuable services on our behalf. Always keep our mind, Where to Manufacture, How Fast to delivery, how many stock for customer sake.

★ Side-by-Side with global network 

Byokane global sites includes here in Thailand base is happy to support to those who have a scheme to transfer its production From/To Thailand. base Due to Covid-19, On-Line meeting and/or other remote communications would be considerable at present.



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Cold Headed Parts

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Machining (Cutting)

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Die-cast Parts, Sintered Metal Parts, MIM / Resin-based Products / 


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Assembly Products

Insert Nut

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Prepare for RoHS Ⅲ amendment toward C6801 (Copper Alloy)

We keep our eyes closely watching on RoHSⅢ amendment in 2022 at the earliest that C6801 which contains up to 4-percent of lead (Pb) remain compliant possibly be raised its exception to RoHSⅢ then. We will accord with this amendment and now, are promoting PB free alternatives as countermeasure substitute.

   Expected excludable from RoHS exception on metallic materials

   ● Steels: Lead (Pb) contains ≦ 0.35wt%
​    Aluminum: Lead (Pb) contains ≦ 0.4wt%
   Copper and brass alloy: Lead (Pb) contains ≦ 4wt% (40,000ppm)

In case extension of the application will not be endorsed by The EU Commission, The Commission shall revoke on an application for renewal of the exemption between July 2022 to Jan 2023. Therefore, we understand market demands at every stage complying with environmental regulation toward a new breakthrough and creation in the future.

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