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Main machines list

    ​Laser compound machine AMADA LC-C1NT 1     CO2 Semi-Auto welding machine 36
    Laser machine AMADA Fiber and CO2 2     CO2 Robot welding machine 2
    Bending machine  7     TIG Robot welding machine 1
    Auto-Tapping machine 2     TIG Welding machine 36
    Spot welding machine  3     Roller machine 2


Laser Compound Machine

【MakerAMADA 【Model】LC-C1NT 【Largest dimension processing】T=6.0   2,000 x 1,270mm


Laser Machine

【Maker】AMADA 【Model】LCG-AJ2(Network function) 【Largest dimension processing】T=20 1,219x2,438mm


Fiber   CO2


Hydraulic Press Break

Left【Maker】AMADA 【Model】RG80 【Tonnage】80ton 【Width that can processing】2,000mm

RightMakerAMADA 【Model】FBD5012NT(Network function) 【Tonnage】50ton 【Width that can processing】1,200mm


Roller Machine

【The scope of processing】~2,000mm

R Processing


Tapping Machine

【Maker】AMADA 【ModelCTS-900NT(Network function) 【The scope of processing】900x1,000mm 【Axle】4 Axle


Robot welding machine【Maker】Panasonic 【Model】TM-1400WGⅢ 【Reach】Largest width1,437mm


ISO Certificate 9001:2015




Latest Update 27 Apr 2021
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