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Manufacture precise aluminum die cast parts 【Reduce blowholes by Vacuum Casting】

Precise – Durable - Reliable

SAKU PRECISION DIECASTING (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. (SPD), located in Navanakorn industrial estate, outskirt of Bangkok, is manufacturer of Die casting products for various fields such as Automotive, Optical component, Medical equipment, Electronic and so on.
We sustain to provide high-quality products (Precision die casting / Non-cavity casting) through Vacuum Casting Technology, in particular , thin and small products are area of specialty.


High-Precision Die Casting

We provide great durability and precision products with blowholes Free based on On-time delivery.

Vacuum Casting Technology.

Vacuum Die Casting creates high-quality products possible by reducing number of air bubbles in cavity, accordingly preventing blowholes from generating.

T6 Heat Treatment

Special Heat treatment applying the technique of artificial aging to improve Hardness and Strength compared to conventional method.

High-cycle precision casting

A characteristic of our products is small and thin mainly to automobile parts. High-Cycle Die Casting machine and Multi-cavity mold are provided as well. (Ex: 8 cavities/ 135T)


Precision die casts are available for a wide range of industries.

[Image] Connecting rod

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Process / Facility

Die Casting Machine (9units:125t~350t)

Vacuuming devices were installed on casting machines to produce high-quality die casts without blow holes.

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Quality Management

We provide high-quality products under our QC system which strictly follows ISO9001.

【Quality Policy】
■ "Make products which acquire customer's satisfaction" is our slogan.
■ Under the management with leadership, every single employee in all departments does his/her best to fulfill
  customer-oriented services and quality excellence.
■ We unlimitedly pursue Quality, Cost, and Delivery (QCD) to overcome world competition.

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