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Sunstar Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fine Blanking products for Automotive and Motorcycle Industry

Since January1996, the Company starts the production of Fine Blanking parts for automobiles and motorcycle. With its own technology evaluation and testing from R&D and planning, the Company achieves high performance in term of quality, cost and delivery, which provide safety and confidence to every user.

Fine Blanking products

We produce various Fine Blank parts, mainly used for automobiles and motorcycles. Especially we are specialized in producing metal parts with high thickness between with 5 mm. and 10 mm.

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Fine Blanking Machine 400~1100t


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Polishing / Cutting

Acquisition of IATF16949 certification

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Other products

Disc Brake for Mortorcycle

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Sprocket for Motorcycle

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Latest Update 14 Mar 2019
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