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Nihon Shinkan (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Japanese high-precision drawn aluminum pipe & bar manufacturer in Thailand

High-precision drawn aluminum pipe, bar & parts manufacturer

We are NIHON SHINKAN (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Our company is a manufacturer of aluminum tube & bar by cold drawing process. Our company has been established in February, 2013, located in Rojana Industrial Estate Ayutthaya.

We are good at manufacturing Hi-Precision Drawing Pipe & Bar.

"Drawing → Heating → Lathing/Grinding → Assembly → Inspection", and We will continue to take on the challenge of customers' requests.

Nihon Shinkan (Thailand) Introduction video >

Cold Drawing Process

Grip one end of pipe and pull through die at room temperature.

● High precision pipe and bar can be manufactured by our precision cold drawing process.
● Increase of strength by work hardening.


Manufacturing Process

Production Line >



Technical Information

Chamfering to
Both Sides

Inro(Counter Boring) to
Both Sides

Centerless Grinding to Outside Pipe

Grooving Process to
Outside Pipe

Aluminum Parts

Bending Process
Punching Process



Our products have been applied for OPC Drum and Developing Roll in the copier, and also used in automotive industrial as raw material for machining process with high precision.

OA Field=Copy Machine >

OPC Drum, Developing Roller, Magnet Roller, Mitsuya-Kan (Transport Roller), etc.

Automotive, Motorcycle Field  >

Spool Valve, Union Parts, Propeller Shaft, Suspension, Front Folk, etc.

Agricultural Equipment Field  >

Shaft, Handle for Grass Cutter


Nihon Shinkan (Thailand) Introduction video

Quality Management

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