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Specialist Company about cold forging stamping & precision progressing stamping & Heat treatment by hydrogen gas furnace

Products contents

Precision deep drawing Progressing stamping
with the integrated production system from design and production of die to press/molding/composite process in our group company
Designing die →P/O die purchasing →Stamping ⇒Washing →Annealing & or Magnetizing  Treatment by continuous hydrogen gas furnace

Progressing Stamping
Adapting to diversified shape of products by progressing stamping

Cold forging transfer stamping
Create high precision and complex shape forming by net-shaping technology ( maximize production yield of material) 

Precision deep drawing Progressing stamping

Round shape tube with big height


Precision drawing Progressing stamping

Grain finish


Very small diameter hole by press punching out


roducts by progressing stamping process

Car parts

Car parts

Processing for Hoop material with plating

Eyelet & Cap for electronic devise

Round vended parts for electronic devise

Car parts


Cold forging transfer stamping ( Net shape)

Base plate for leaser unit

Parts for air bag


Latest Update 24 Nov 2023