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Matsumoto Kosan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Consistent production from the bar material, precision metal machining cutting work by high-performance CNC composite lathe

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Stable supply by consistent production

 Processing complex shapes by once set up

Producing high-precision products

Perfect quality control system

In our company we carry out a consistent production from the bar material.

High-performance CNC lathe can also correspond to the difficult production.


The factory which the constant temperature controlled at ± 2.0 ℃ (24 hours full operation), 
high-precision products of ± 2 microns can be produced stably.


We use  "air micro" equipment that can measure circle diameter 0.1 micron to measure high-precision equipments and all goods inspected by the human eyes, too.




Japanese (Tanaka)

Tel : 065-239-5856


Thai (Ms. Bam)




Latest Update: Jul 2018

Matsumoto Kosan (Thailand) Introduction video 


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The automotive parts as our main work with high-quality and high-precision have been sent out to the world in a wide range of business areas.

Product >

We have established the machining technology that would satisfy Q · C · D needs. 

Technology >

High-precision machining parts in micron unit can be produced by the latest composite CNC lathe in theconstant temperature factory.

Equipment >

A quality assurance system that responds to the customers' trust has setablished. 

Quality Control >

We are actively promoting rationalization and efficiency in ​each process.

Process >

As a part of the global strategy of MKK, we began from October 2012. The Thai factory as a starting point was expaned in October 2015 to strive to globalization of further business.

Company Profile >

 The main factory in Japan as a mother factory works closely with Thai factory and aims to develop world-wide business.

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