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Movable cyclone vacuum cleaner


Our vacuum cleaner

Customize according to the powder you want to clean.

Mobile unit.
   (Can also be used as a mobile local exhaust system)

Work efficiency improvement

Cyclone type does not fall suction force compared to the filter type.


Why is the cyclone type good?


Filter type cleaner ... Are you worried about this?

Our Cyclone type cleaner

Two cyclones collect most of the powder ►►► Reduce filter clogging

For powder with adhesion or abrasion ►►► Select materials for hoses and filters case coating

Select cyclone type according to the characteristics of powder
►►► collection efficiency, maintenance of the suction force

Efficient work and longer life than the filter type.


Standard type and approximate dimensions

Type Hose Flow Size (mm) Weight
40 φ 40 2,200 L/min 450 600 800 80 kg
50 φ 50 3,400 L/min 650 800 1,100 90 kg
65 φ 65 5,400 L/min 850 1,000 1,300 100 kg

*Mobile type standard sise,
 The size changes depending on the capacity of dust tank. 

◇Hose  ◇Casing  ◇Filter

We will prepare materials with the following characteristics.

Wear resistance, low friction, water and oil repellency, antistatic


Construction Example in Thailand


Our vacuum cleaners are customized to the powder you want to clean. Please contact us first.

In addition to the standard type, we also manufacture upon request.

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Latest Update 18 Nov 2021
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