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DHS-based Minimum Energy
Wastewater Treatment Unit

​Eco Contribution Point System


Operation of a Pilot Plant in Thailand for a Verification Project Selected by the Japanese Government
DHS-based Minimum Energy Wastewater Treatment Unit

 Value Provided by Sanki Engineering 

Improves hygiene in developing countries
Lower cost of wastewater treatment and saves energy

The "DHS-based minimum energy wastewater treatment unit" is a joint project undertaken by Sanki Engineering, NJS Consultant Co., Ltd., Tohoku University, and Nakaoka Technology University. It was one of the technologies selected in fiscal 2018 under the Wonder of Wastewater Technology of Japan, spearheaded by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Under the project, we built a pilot plant in Khon Kaen, a regional city in Thailand, and have maintained steady operations there.

In March 2019, a seminar was held in Khon Kaen, assisted by Group company Thai Sanki Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. A total of 90 participants from the Thai government, local governments from surrounding regions, and universities listened intently to learn about Japan's latest technology. Our wastewater treatment unit is easy to operate, maintain, and manage and is expected to lower costs and save energy. It is a promising technology for developing countries faced by many diseases associated with insufficient sewage treatment.

Seminar in Thailand


SANKI YOU Eco Contribution Point System

SANKI's Proposal for CO2 Reduction

By adopting the proposal, the forest will be nurtured.

The projects of SANKI ENGINEERING are directly tied to social issues that include energy savings and energy creation.
What are the things that only we can do?
If we can address them together with our clients...
It is from such ideas that the "SANKI YOU Eco Contribution Point System" was created 10 years ago.
​For the purpose of realizing a sustainable society, we will continue our contribution through engineering.

What is the SANKI YOU Eco Contribution Point?

SANKI ENGINEERING’s SANKI YOU Eco Contribution Point System is a system contributing to the prevention of global warming and the realization of a sustainable society together with clients. We bring forward a proposal for energy-saving facilities leading to clients’ CO2 reduction. If a client adopts a proposal, the reduction is to be converted into ecology contribution points (100 yen per ton), which results in environment conservation activities.

The logo of the SANKI YOU Eco Contributlon Pointsystem expresses our aspiration to contribute to social development and create harmony with the natural environment.
ECO2 : We reduce CO2: emissions trough our Contri bution to ecology


SANKI ENGINEERING contributes to conservation of the global environment through a variety of activities


SANKI YOU Eco Contribution Points are utilized for forestation


In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, the "Kansha-no-Mori" was born

10 years have passed since the establishment of the system, we have achieved the planting of approximately 18,000 trees.

Celebrating this, we planted nursery trees in a forest of Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and created the "Kansha-no-Mori" in appreciation for clients who adopted proposals for CO2 reduction. We will continue tree-planting activities to engage in forestation for conserving the global environment.


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