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ThreeHigh Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and sale of heaters for industrial purposes

Improving Japan's unique quality and technological capabilities that can be used around the world

As a company that specializes in the manufacture of industrial heaters and temperature controllers,
ThreeHigh has been sincerely committed to manufacturing and products,
and has received positive feedback from our customers.

In recent years, while our company is expanding the market globally,
we will also enhance the world-class manufacturing of Japanese products in the global market.

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, Three High will not change but continue
to keep the spirit of manufacturing in mind and reflect it even more strongly than before.

"3 High", which is also the origin of the company name of ThreeHigh,
「High Technology」「High Touch」「High Fashion」 is the value that
ThreeHigh has delivered to everyone, it remains unchanged since our founding.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, all employees will reacknowledge this value again.
We have renewed our logo as a symbol of our will to evolve further.
ThreeHigh will start a new step in order to enhance the three unchanging values.


Custom made heater

There are reasons why many companies, educational and research institutions choose our heaters. It is because we are manufacturer specialized in Silicone rubber heater.

We will assist you in manufacturing from one sheet to mass production.

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Silicone sponge suitable for heat insulation and heat retention of piping and tanks! 



Products line up

Custom made heater

Thin and flexible. We can design for one item order. Our silicone rubber heaters have satisfied a lot of customers' demands which are for antifreeze, heating up to 200 ℃ and so on.

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Temperature Controllers

Our digital temperature controller, monoOne® has three series available from startars to professionals.

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Temperature Sensors

Various types of thermocouples (Type K) and platinum resistance thermometers (Pt100Ω)

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Silicone sponge

Excellent in insulation and heat retention! Various types of sheets, tubes, and square strips.

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