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Apr, 2001: 
Jul, 2003
Nov, 2003: 
Feb, 2004: 
Oct, 2004: 
Apr, 2007: 
Apr, 2007: 
Jul, 2008: 
Jul, 2011: 
The establishment of company.
Increase the capital to 20 million baht.
Acieved ISO 9001 certification
The transfer start to new factory (Sriracha -Sahaphat factory)
New office completion
304 factory was established.
Achieved ISO-14001 certification.
Pinthong factory established
all sriracha factory move to Pinthong factory

Our company established for the purpose of being entrusted with high frequency induction heating in April, 2001

We want to have characteristic equipment and to respond to a wide range customer's needs. We would like to strive to prepare and place to organization which can alway be satisfied in quality, time for delivery and p price.

We appreciate deeply that contribution came to be able to do amanufacture technology which our company can offer in thai Thailand today in your coporate activity with the favor of the support wich does not change and guidance.

Now, from positioning as a Japanese automobile maker's world strategy base, the development of the auto industry of Thailand is remakable, also expaned the industrial field greatly and is developed.

Our company is the intention of spreading high frequency induction heating technology moreover, and continuing efforts for the help of development of all customers, in this Thailand. We ask you the guidance and support which do not change from you now on.

Company Name
Business Description

Induction heat treatment

Pinthong Industrial Estate 2
1. Pinthong Factory : 150/54 moo.9 Nongkharm, Sriracha, Chonburi 20110
2. 304 Factory : 358 Moo 7, 304 IEAT, Thatoom srimahapote, prachinburi 2540, thailand, Sri Racha, Chonburi 20110
TEL Tel. 038-347223-5
FAX Fax : 038-347226
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Establish Date

Apr, 2001 : The establishment of company.


20 million baht.

Latest Update 08 Jul 2013
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