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Sir Meccanica SPA
portable line boring welding and facing machine tools

Sir Meccanica portable line boring welding and facing machine tools

The Sir Meccanica WS2 portable machine tool is a multifunctional machine, portable and powerful.

With only 1 machine and 1 easy set-up you will be able to do :

• In-line boring also for blind holes
• Internal and external overlay welding also for blind holes
• Flange Facing
• Creating circlip grooves
• External cylindrical surface grinding
• Drilling
• Tapping


Broad field of application. Sir Meccanica’s machine tools are extremely versatile; they can be used to be laid on any hole that needs to be repaired. Furthermore, the fact that they are portable, enlarges their working field.
No transportation costs. Thanks to the portable boring machines, the machine to be repaired (even the largest machine) must no longer be transported in a specialized workshop.
Our boring machines work directly on the hole that has to be repaired, in a semi-automatic way and in any position.
Working time reduction. All Sir Meccanica’s products are easy to use. Once you have set the machine on the hole that needs to be repaired, it does the work in a semi-automatic way, eliminating down time.
Labour costs reduction. Our machines have an excellent price/quality ratio. Their cost is amortizable in a short time and they can be used for repair and maintenance of all industrial machines.
Safety and reliability of the performances. The machine has an electronic control panel with a diagnostic display, that allows to monitor the entire process of the performance, allowing the person that is working on the machine to intervene promptly in case of a failure or an error.
Easy to transport. Each product has a handy trolley that allows for an easy and comfortable transportation.

Working Diameters

With Standard Equipment
Starting from ø 42 mm to over ø 400 mm

Internal– from ø 25 mm to over ø 400 mm
External- from ø 20 mm to over ø 400 mm
Drilling – from ø 5mm to max ø 45 mm
Tapping – from ø 8mm to max ø 45 mm
with presetting for Tapping

Accessory kits

KIT 20
For in line boring starting from ø 22mm to ø 45mm
KIT 30
For in line boring starting from ø 32mm to ø 60mm
KIT 2000 from ø 45 mm to ø 400 mm
For facing bosses, creating circlip grooves, external machines.

Upon request, we can supply:
• Personalized kits for specific machining or applications
Company Name
Sir Meccanica SPA
Sir Meccanica SPA
Representative Person
marketing : Fabrizio
Business Description
ir Meccanica is on the market since 1991 and is present in 90 countries
worldwide. We are proud to have among our customers, companies such as:
Finning, Komatsu, Wartsila Group, Ciserv Branches, Eutectic just to name
a few. This is the result of a continuous research in meeting our
customer’s needs, in solving the ever increasing variety of problems in
the world of mechanics, increasing the production and the profit of our
customers through the innovation, efficiency, precision and reliability of
our portable tools range.

Now, the machine tool makes on-site jobs: for the first time, the machine
tool goes to the repair instead of the repair going to the machine shop.
Thanks to their small dimensions and to their reduced weight our models
set up quickly and easily. Their portability means they can be taken to
the site where the cost for disassembly, transport and re-assembly would
accrue if using other methods of working bores… less down time! The unit
can work in any position without altering its accuracy performances.
Our machines can also be used in the workshop as a fix multifunction centre,
so as to work the piece placed on the base according to your specific needs.

The main sectors in which our machines find applications are :

Shipyards & Repairers
Oil & Gas
Heavy Industrial Sectors
Earthmoving Equipment
Power Generation

As regards the set up of these machine tools, after carrying out the normal
operations of centring the bar and welding the supports you can easily
mount the shaft (in a few seconds) and the machines are ready to work.
The boring bars and the torch-holder shaft can be mounted and removed
through the machines from both ends which is a considerable advantage
considering that the longitudinal stroke is not limited, the whole length
of the shaft can now be used and we can supply, upon request, shafts of any

The goods we manufacture are the best you can find on the market and
examining also our prices (you will find herewith enclosed), we are sure
you will agree that they are extremely low, comparing to all the operations
they can do with only one set-up. Also, the machines have a 24 months
warranty and we can guarantee prompt delivery of any item shown in the

It is important to evidence that all of our machines are exclusive due to
the fact that, among their other characteristics, with only one set-up and
one machine you can do:

In-line boring
Internal and External Rotary welding
(also for blind holes and combined with any type of wire welder)
Facing bosses
External machining
Creating circlip grooves.

Diameters ranging from 22 mm up to 2000 mm

Distributors are welcome within the free areas

For any questions concerning our range of machines please contact me at
Product Line
Portable line boring welding and facing machine tools
Viale Europa 37 - 88100 catanzaro (Italy) 88100
Contact List
TEL : 00390961769696
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