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Savcos Automation Pte Ltd

Company Name
Savcos Automation Pte Ltd
Business Description
We serve customers including, but not limited to:

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medtech, Food, Cosmetic, Automotive, Aerospace, PCB, PCBA, Optics, Glass panel, Printing, Stamping, Machining, Plastics, Fasteners, Casting, MIM, Sinter, Rubber.
Product Line
We specialise in solving the following manufacturing problems with 100% automation:

Assembly of many parts, Dimension inspection, Appearance inspection, Defects inspection, Internal inspection, Surface cleaning, Surface treatment, Oil removal, Contamination removal, Dirt removal, Bonding issues, Adhesion issues, Marking issues, Printing issues, Coating issues, Painting issues, Curing, Sterilization, Machine alignment, Metal hardness, Packing, Counting accuracy.
80 Genting Lane #04-09A 349565
TEL +65-91520538
FAX +65-65667749
Latest Update 06 Feb 2019
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