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Localize Japanese quality surface treatment technology.

Providing Japanese plating and surface treatment technology in Southeast Asia !

A specialist trading company for plating and surface treatment chemicals Sanmei Kasei subsidiary in Thailand.

We supply the same surface treatment technology and information as in Japan in Southeast Asia.

Consulting and selling for various plating and
chemical conversion treatments

Plating equipment (automatic/manual line),
analysis machines

Technical support and training by Japanese and
Thai staff for chemicals
Surface analysis / chemical analysis service
(SEM, EPMA, ICP, TOC, chromatograph, etc.)

We have obtained an IPO (BOI for trading companies), and can handle chemicals with BOI applications.

Main sales items

- As a “high quality” distributor which provides the Japanese quality surface treatment technology in China and Southeast Asia -

Cleaner for Metal Products

◎Consulting cleaning agents suitable        for your parts and processes
◎Original degreasing agents
◎Environmental friendly products
◎Barrel compounds
◎Container cleaning agents for drums,      food, etc.

Plating chemicals/equipment

◎Various plating chemicals
   (Zn, Ni, Cu, Cr, etc.)
◎Chemicals for printed circuit boards         (Cu, Ni-Au, chemical polishing liquid,
◎Chemical polishing / blackening                chemicals
◎Automatic / manual plating equipment
    and ancillary equipment

Analytical services/equipment

◎Surface analysis by SEM etc.
◎Solutions analysis by ICP etc.
◎Sales of various analysis devices
◎Analysis equipment for plating such
​   as Hull cell test

  Cleaner for Metal Products  

We select and create chemicals for various metals and various purposes.
 ⇒ Before Plating, chemical conversion treatment and painting
 ⇒ Cleaning and rust preventive product before and after heat treatment
​ ⇒ Cleaning of drums and cleaning of special parts

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  Plating chemicals  

■For Automobile parts
 ⇒ Zinc plating, zinc alloy plating, electroless nickel plating, nickel-chrome plating, etc.
■For Electronic components
 ⇒ Copper sulfate plating, nickel-gold plating, electroless nickel-gold plating, etc.
 ⇒ Tin plating / tin alloy plating
■For Environmentally friendly plating
 ⇒ Trivalent chrome plating, lead-free electroless nickel plating, lead-free tin / tin alloy plating / chrome-free rust prevention treatment

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Special Plating Business / Repair-​System Sales and Service Business 

■SIFCO high-speed partial plating system
It is possible to repair and build up only the necessary spots of metal products by plating. We can repair on site.
 ⇒ Repair of corroded points/worn points of shafts, various rolls, molds, etc.
 ⇒ Repair and strengthen the film only on a spot in some large parts which are difficult to transport
 ⇒ Regeneration of corroded film during maintenance

It is possible to form a plated film which meets your needs with more than 100 types of plating solutions (single metal, alloy plating, alumite, electrolytic polishing). Metals are deposited 30-60 times faster than plating performed in a normal tank, and you can repair in a short time. Since it is a portable system, it can be repaired on-site without removing large equipment.

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