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Integrated production from development to tool manufacturing

Sunarrow Citi has firstly started with the factory that manufactured key sheet and rubber industry related products in 1990.
Sunarrow Citi has been developed manufacturing technologies including installation of state-of-the-art equipment and expansion of production areas. We are now enabling our increased capability and capacity of manufacturing light keys and Key sheets to meeting any quality specifications of our customer’s demand.
In the precision work and decoration technology supported in the keysheet for the cellular phone, technology that supports a consistent system from variety and the product design to development and manufacturing the mass production equipment is strong points of the Sunarrow. Our technology can not be limited to parts such as the cellular phone, digital cameras assumed to be a main now, and the music players and be applied to a wide field.



The products of Sunarrow Citi are made aiming at a high performance and a high design and are active in various fields now.



We are able to design and make tools by ourselves, and this makes it possible to provide high-precision tools.



Quality Control

■ISO 9001:2015      ■ISO14001:2015 

■IATF16949:2016   ■ISO13485:2016


Production Equipment

We have the ability to support the complete production processes from product development to molding, decoration, assembly, and inspection within our own facilities.

Company Profile

Our company has tried to improve various technologies and challenged better manufacture since we were first established.

Environment / ​CSR

We introduce our attitude, approach and implement system towards environment.



We introduce network of our company.


If you have any question, please feel free to contuct us.



Latest Update 20 Feb 2020
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