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Industrial Components & Equipment Group
Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Industrial Components & Equipment Group

Sales & Service of HITACHI Motor, Inverter, Circuit breaker, Air compressor, Ink jet printer, Hoist and so on.

Marking System

Hitachi Ink jet Printer is boasting a large number of supply results in Thailand, we are the leader of supplier for Industrial Ink Jet Printer.

Taking advantage of accumulated technical capabilities for many years, we achieve total marking for all our customers. Hitachi provides a total marking system, including a CO2 Laser Maker and printing inspection Vision System that reliably determines the quality of printing.


Industrial Ink Jet Printer UX:Series

Continuous ink jet printer is marking equipment for various products in industry.

The features are high speed printing, non-contact printing, clear printing and flexible printing.


CO2 Laser Marker:LM-C300Series

Meets a wide variety of industrial coding requirements.

Developed with Hitachi's experiences and know-hows.

Simple, Stable and intuitive operation by new cooling system is realized.




Marking Vision system:MC-20S

Hitachi Vision System does not overlook print defect by strict collation inspection.

We strongly support the date "reliable".





Latest Update 28 Mar 2019
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