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The total maker of Precision Measurement Instruments.

In-House Training & Metrology Education Center

Training Scene


Bangkok Office

Amata Nakorn Office

Chonburi Office

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CMM&Software Training (1 - 3 days)

Free GEOPAK-Win Manual in Thai language!


Course Type Duration


3 days


1 day


1 day​

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

・Basic maintenance of CMM
・Introduction to GEOPAK-WIN
・Layout of Main Windows
・Program directory
・Introduction to Learn Mode

・Probe Data Management
・Pattern for Alignment
・Element commands
・Types of Calculation. Define Coordinate System by steps
・Types of Construction

・Compute of Distance and Angle
・Types of Coordinate System
・Element Commands and Tolerance
・Output of Data
・CNC Parameter
・Automatic Element Commands
・Manual/CNC Part Program



Vision Software Training (2 days)

QVPAK on Day 1 QVPAK on Day 2

・Setting up for measurement
・Moving control system
・Setting stage option
・Focusing, edge detection, drawing tools
・Type of co-ordinate system, alignment and measurement
・Align a PCS with rotation values, point offset

・QVNavigator window construction and operation page

・Part program editor and file management
・Measurements between features

・Compute of distance and angle
・Using nominal, tolerance and datum fit
・QVGraphics window configuration and view window
・Working with point buffers
・Step and repeat loop in  part program


Form Software Training (2 days)

Thai Manual Free!


On day 1
・Introduction to machine
・Calibration of styli
・Performing centering and leveling on work piece
・Simple measurement
・Understanding of screen and printer outputs

On day 2
・Part programming
・Deleting data
・Partial rotations measurement
・Layout results screen

On day 1
・Formtracepak window
・Operating the measuring instrument
・Customizing the Formtracepak operating conditions
・Establishing the co-ordinate system
・Executing calculation

On day 2
・Part program creation
・Creating and saving measured data
・Printing the measurement result
・Calibration of measuring instrument
・Printing and editing the page layout


Metrology Training Course (1 day)

Get Free Training Manual!

Course Type Duration

Basic Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

► Introduce

► What are Datum, feature, tolerance and modifiers

1 day

Texture Surface Parameters

► Explanation surface parameter

1 day



What you get

►Exclusive Training Certificate

►Free 1 time Consultation after Training


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