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The total maker of Precision Measurement Instruments.


Mitutoyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.  are proposing the After-Service for maintenance of accuracy adjustment and calibration using total power with certainly technic as Calibration laboratory based on ISO/IEC17025 and as the maker of total measurement instrument company.


The Merit to applying Calibration Service from Mitutoyo.

  1. Become Best condition of Measurement Instruments by Adjustment accuracy.
  2. Reduction the Risk for broken of Measurement Instruments by annual Maintenance.
  3. Advice for proper operation for the future, in order to check the operation ratio.

Accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025

Mitutoyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. has Calibration Service to Measurement Instruments on accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025(TISI).




Thai Industrial Standards Institute



The Package of Calibration​

Job Scope : CMM, VMM, Roundness, Form/Roughness, Profile Projector/Optical, Hardness

Package Line Up

Service contents / Package type

Package 1
- Mitutoyo Standard

Package 2
- ISO standard
Package 3
- ISO calibration
 + Maintenance

Package 4
- ISO calibration
  + Full maintenance


ISO calibration and adjustment based on ISO/IEC17025

Maintenance / Function check

(1 time / year)

(2 times / year)

Free repair service 
(3 times / year , excluding parts fee)
Priority for repair

Hardness machine calibration

:This content is including the scope of package

:This content is not including the scope of package



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