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Aluminium Cold Forging Product

Now, cold forging help supporting in technology development.

Nowadays, demand in high hardness part is increasing rapidly, demand in part that produced from many kinds of aluminium alloy which have high hardness, high corrosion-resistance ability, and high heat resistance ability. Especially, cold forging part has light weight, high hardness, and high accurate size, so demand in high technology which is used for production is higher, including automotive part production which need high hardness, high heat-resistance ability, and high corrosion-resistance ability, HDD part production which need super high accuracy, and electronic part production, etc. And from now on, demand of world industries in cold forging product will increase more and more.

SANKYO KANEHIRO (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.perfectly knows the market's need and has many options which lead to saving cost and time.

The Biggest Productivity in Thailand

Many forging and punching machines can produce part in numerous quantity. Moreover, producing mold within company will help saving cost and time.

Quality Assurrance

By this motto,「Quality is meeting customer needs」, our trained staff strictly inspect product with modern devices, so that we can get the customers' satisfaction in our product.

Dealing with the Environment

We are not only following the rule "Reduce draining but controlling scrapped material", but also setting purpose "what we can do or should do in order to preserve the enviroment".

Product sample

Support all alloy.

Automotive Part


Motorcycle Part


Hard disk and Electronic Part

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