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Maruyama locally produces and sells agricultural machinery
using technology developed in Japan to seek harmony of Thai agriculture with nature.


2-stroke Engine /
Bush Cutter

20cc, 23cc, 26cc, 36cc, 42cc and 50cc engines are assembled. MARUYAMA bush cutters are used worldwide for mowing lawns to trimming trees and hedges. The 2-stroke engines developed by our company in 20cc, 23cc and 26cc capacities are mainly for Japan, and high-power engines in 36cc, 42cc and 50cc capacities are for western countries, as they can handle larger bush cutters.

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Knapsack Style Engine Sprayer

The pump of our knapsack engine sprayers comes as piston-type suitable for high pressure sterilization with a uniflow system with low vibration and a cascade-type with a simple structure mainly used for herbicide spraying at low pressure. The chemical tank is made of materials given anti-deterioration measures from UV ray and anti-static electricity, and is manufactured by our own blow molding machine.

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Boom Sprayer /
Towing-type Sprayer

Boom sprayer tank has a capacity of 300L and the spray width is matched with the field size in Asia for effective sterilization. The traction-type sprayer has a 600L tank and produces a fine spray suitable to spraying gibberellin used for grapes, etc. combined with a high performance pump and nozzle.

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─ Locally manufactured in Thailand ─

MARUYAMA Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established in 1895, and thus has a long history.
In Thailand, we are still a small company that started in 2009.
However, we aim to establish the MARUYAMA brand as the world No. 1
by carrying on the tradition of Japanese technology and heritage.

Currently we import most of our parts from Japan, but we plan to manufacture products
"Made in Thailand" by expanding the use of locally sourced parts.
​We use parts from all types of business. Please come and visit our factory at any time.

Latest Update 25 Sep 2019
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