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Nalux (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing of Transparent molded products, Plastic lens, Light guide plates and Light guide rods

Notice of Change of Parent Company (Shareholder)

We are pleased to announce that as of March 31, 2023, COLCOAT (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has changed from a subsidiary of COLCOAT CO.,LTD. to a subsidiary of Nalux Co., Ltd.
This is due to the transfer of shares from COLCOAT CO.,LTD. to Nalux Co., Ltd.
From October 2023, the company name will be changed to Nalux (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Under the new system, we will continue to respond to your needs. We will continue to work hard on our company's business as always, and we look forward to your continued patronage.



VIDEO [Introducing Light flow guide]

Light Guide Rod

Light Guide Plate

Transparent Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Lens

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