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Manufacturing of Transparent molded products, Plastic lens, Light guide plates and Light guide rods



Light Guides(Plates,Rods)

Colcoat developed commercial production process for the Light Guide Plates with thin and uniform lighting by establishing technologies of Micro Prism Patterns on the mold.

This plate was used for the first portable LCD TV in Japanese market, followed by a large demand for the color LCD displays afterwards.

LCD Backlights



LED Lightings


Plastic Lens

Applications of Plastic Lens keep spreading out to many fields including LED lightings and sensing industries, thanks to its light weight, free shape and easy for volume production.

LED Lightings/Traffic Lights

Sensing Devices


Transparent Molded Products

Injection molding machines are installed in the clean room (ISO Class 8=FED.STD. 209 Class 100,000) with the wide range of technologies to achieve high and foreign particle free quality.


Latest Update 25 Jul 2019
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