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Hakudo (Thailand) CO., LTD.
Professional sales of aluminum, copper, stainless steel (We have variety kinds stock of metals in Thailand)

Cutting Service


Cutting Size (Width x Length) Cutting Tolerance
 Within 200mm x 200mm :-0mm ~ +0.5mm
201mm x 201mm ~ 500mm x 500mm :-0mm ~ +1.0mm
 Over 501mm x 501mm :-0mm ~ +2.0mm


Milling 【Mill the specified part】

Milling Size (Width x Length) Milling Tolerance (Thk, Width, Length)
10.0mm x 10.0mm ~ 300.0mm x 300.0mm :-0.1mm ~ +0.1mm
300.1mm x 300.1mm ~ 500.0mm x 500.0mm :-0.15mm ~ +0.15mm
500.1mm x 500.1mm ~ 800.0mm x 800.0mm :-0.2mm ~ +0.2mm
*Milling thickness is from 10.0mm  to  120.0mm.
*standard specification is no chamfer

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ms.Supitsara Toonkaew


Ms.Maythawee Yansopananant


​[LINE ID] @hakudo

Latest Update 18 Sep 2023
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