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Car-Parts Mold Manufacturer

Vision:To become the leader in the Mold production business.


KOEI TOOL Group is developing business centering on Singapore in Southeast Asia.
Change of deployment of a mold-making and plastic injection industry in recent years was seen,
and the necessity for the further mold factory was felt, Japan (Osaka) was made to launch a new factory.
Mold making structure for cooperation is built in Singapore, Thailand, and Japan,
and it strives for business deployment in the Asia whole region and the further improvement in service from now on.


  New Product !!  

If you are looking for a MOLD VENTING INSERT
Molding defects countermeasure parts "GASEXIT"

Our Mold Venting parts are made of a fine through-hole porous material, so it has an optimal balance as a "hard to flow resin and allowing gases to pass through" vent hole.

Due to it's effect, it is possible to improve molding defects (burn, clouding, Sliver streak, weld line, short shot, shrinkage, warpage, flash, etc.) caused by gases. It also extends the mold maintenance cycle and improves the mold shot durability.

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Mold suppuly

KOEI TOOL Group treating many plastic Injection molds which make various product form, sizes and structure.

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5 sites network system

The structure of the network system
among the 5 sites is very strong.

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  Service & Technic  


Tooling for appearance

We offer precision parts tooling for automobile products that are decorative (appearance) and functional. Also decorative (appearance) tooling for home electronics. For example, automobile panels and switch/case related parts . These products require gloss and smoothness and in KOEI we are proud to be experts in this area.

As for injection machines, we can handle machines from 50 to 350 tons. We use CAE (mold flow analysis) before manufacturing tooling to detect any problem such as welding lines and sink marks.

Double color moldig

It is one of the fields which are good at KOEI as the air conditioner display of the car, the transparent resin like the lens, the combination of other colors, the combination of the hard resin and the elastomer as packing, and the combination of the hard resin and the elastomer.

The double color molding is not a new technology but the methods of using is something that can still expand. We offer more possibilities with double color molding to support manufacturing of excellent quality.

Effective use of metal 3DP

Metal 3D printer is to laminate shaping while melting metal powder with laser light.
KOEI introduced SODICK OPM250 and made possible shapes that could not be made with conventional metal processing (cutting). We can shorten molding cycle and improve warping by locating cooling water pipes (conformal cooling). It is also possible to produce inserts with high degassing effects and to reduce gas defects.
Further characteristics of 3D printer are shown bellow.

Effective use of metal 3DP


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