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Sales of gauges, measuring instruments and ball screws.


Sales of gauges, measuring instruments and ball screws.


Semi Automatic Tapped Hole Inspection instrument



Easy to operate and efficient for inspection thread.

Easy to check the effective thread length.

Keep the data and save in the file.

OK/NG result will be announced by the voice and
​shown on the display.

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Most of industrial products are completed through assembling many individual parts. In order for a machine to function properly and smoothly and have endurance, each part needs to be finished with predetermined dimensions. Gauges are what are used to inspect the final dimensions and have the feature that anyone can easily, promptly and accurately conduct inspections with them. 

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Air Micrometer Electronic Micrometer

Highly precise parts presently used in every aspect of industry including consumer electronics, audio & visual devices, automotive and communication devices are becoming more and more microscopic every year. As the precision of industrial parts advances, simple structure measuring instruments that anybody can use to measure with high precision and few errors are required. The answers to these needs are the Air Micrometer and the Electronic Micrometer.

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Measuring Instruments

We, ISSOKU, always return to the basis of measurement and only begin development after considering how we can measure with higher precision according to each case. As a result, we have accumulated experience and ideas in many fields of measurement and have created various innovations that have resulted in higher accuracy.


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Precision Machine Parts

Precision machine parts are manufactured by applying the precision processing technology of ISSOKU, an expert in precision measurement. The “side contact” type that uses the spiral structure of a screw and the “rolling contact” type that has a rapid and light movement and enables accurate positioning through the use of a ball between the screw shaft and a nut, these products have an active role in various machine tools, semiconductor production equipments and aircraft and contribute to a wide range of industry.

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