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Fabrication by Zeniya Thailand to aluminum extrusion
In house process from stamp press, machining to anodising

[ March 2022 ]

Stamp trimming

Stamp bending



Machining (milling)

Solid machining

Machining inside extrusion

Sub assembly,
​Riveting, welding

Anodising No color, Color
Printing, marking




We have added CNC machining 6 units.

[ June 2021 ]

We have added CNC machining 6 units to total 55units operating in air conditioned room.

Our machining work is mainly square shape milling, not rounding shape using lathe.

We welcome your inquiry of both single milling process and multi process combining stamping and anodizing.

Contact: Fujiwara, Mr
Mobile: 08-1803-4856


Latest Update 01 Mar 2022
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