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Manufacturing for press parts and sheet metal part

Headoffice Introduction (Sanshin seisakusho Co.,Ltd.)


► Company information

Foundation July 1945
Head office location 4-166 Shizawa, Tainai city, 959-2804
TEL. 0254-47-2055
FAX. 0254-47-3066
Capital 48 million yen
Number of employees 100 people
Main customers Kokuyo Furniture Co., Ltd.
Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.
Tsukasa Rubber & Electric Materials Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Elevator Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industry System Co., Ltd.
Topre Co., Ltd. 
Tohoku Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
East Japan Transport Tech Co., Ltd., Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.,
Hitachi Nakajo Engineering Co., Ltd.,
Hitachi Building Systems Co.,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,
Yoshida Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Other 50 companies (alphabetical order)
Transaction bank Resona Bank, Limited

Sanshin seisakusho group has a production base in two places, Japan and Thailand. In Japan, we produce small quantities of various kinds of’ order that can be produced according to customers' orders. In Thailand, we produce mass production which is planned on a monthly basis. We do production activities centering on product groups that can also say they are totally different.
Nowadays, the world is going globalization at an astounding speed. Requests from our customers are also diversified depending on the country and region, and we have to speed up (shorter delivery times).

In that flow, based on this intention, employees are working together to deal with improvement and innovation on a daily basis, focusing on improvement activities and small group activities.
"Aiming for faster and more flexible production activities." We will try hard to aim for being a company that can further development of the business as well as contribute to social contribution.


Latest Update 17 May 2022
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