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Label Printing & Silk Screen

Silk printing

We print onto almost any materials, such as PET, PP, PC, PVC, paper and metallic plates, using silk plate made in our company (Max : 750 mm x 2000 mm)  which can be used for surfacing sheets, membrane switches, and widely used both indoor and outdoor type stickers.

Characteristics of Silk printing​

Thickness printing
Excellent weather resistance​
Easy to order in small lot production
Possible to control the subtle color variations (multicolor printing, gradations)

Switch Panel

We do silk printing onto PET materials and make various switch panels for industrial equipment and consumer electrical appliances.

Switch Panel 2

We do silk printing onto polycarbonate materials.


We do silk printing onto acrylic board materials.​

 In-vehicle air conditioner parts​

We do silk printing onto translucent materials. After print, quality check is performed with backlight by our exclusive process.​


Latest Update 06 Oct 2023
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