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Alumite, Aluminum Chemical Conversion Treatment, Plating Surface Treatment Technology



Automobile Components

・ Wheel (aluminum press product: anodizing)
・ Keyless entry (zinc die cast product: plating)
・ Brake (aluminum die cast product, aluminum cold forged product: chemical conversion treatment, alumite)
・ Power accessories (iron deep-drawing products: plating)
・ Seat belt (zinc die casting: chemical conversion treatment)
・ Headlight (aluminum press product: alumite, aluminum die cast product: alumite)
・ Tail light (aluminum press product: alumite)
・ Electrical parts (multi-metal stamped products: plating)
・ Electromagnetic wave shield plate (aluminum press product: plating)
・ Driving support system (aluminum cutting products: alumite, zinc die casting products: plating)
・ Washer (Iron press product: plating + heat treatment)
・ Ornament (aluminum press product: alumite)
・ Heat sink (die cast & press & aluminum extrusion: alumite, chemical conversion treatment)


Motorcycle Components

・ Front suspension (Aluminum cut product: anodized aluminum cold forged product: alumite, chemical conversion treatment, plating)
・ Fuel tank (zinc die casting: plating)
・ Lever (aluminum die cast product: anodizing)


Computer Components

・ Supercomputer (aluminum: plating, zinc die casting: plating)
・ Board mounted parts


Drone Components

・ Drive system (multi-type metal: plating, aluminum: plating, alumite)
・ Machine parts (multi-type metals: plating, alumite, chemical conversion treatment)


Camera Components

・ SLR interchangeable lenses (aluminum cut products: plating, alumite)
・ Camera functional parts (aluminum press product: plating, alumite. Cutting stainless steel: plating)
・ Decoration items (cut aluminum products: alumite)


Connector Components

・ Use: Automotive, infrastructure, electronic equipment, communication, automation equipment, other various uses
・ Materials: aluminum, zinc die casting, brass, copper, etc.
・ Surface treatment: plating


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