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Utilizing technical cold forging technology, we are leading a new era of aluminum and steel.

We built the integrated production system of cold forging.

≪Production process image≫

High speed metal saw cutting machine

Φ10~Φ90 (1Machine) 


Annealing furnace

Aluminum annealing: Pit type air-flow annealing furnace

500kg (1set)


Steel annealing: Superior pit type bright annealing furnace

1,5t (1set)  


Semi automatic bonderizing treatment tank (Bonde equipment)

For Aluminium, semi automatic bonderizing treatment tank:5t /day (1台)
For Steel, semi automatic bonderizing treatment tank:15t /day (1台)

Press machine for cold forging

400t・250t・160t80t (1Machine per each)

Hydraulic press machine

30t (1Machine)


CNC Lathe  

(6 Machines)


Batch type aluminum T6 heat treatment furnace

500kg (1Machine)


Waste water treatment equipment


Latest Update 15 Jan 2021
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