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Fastening solution that support maufacturing practices worldwide


Screw Driver / Screw Driving Robots / Screw Driving Machine / Screw Feeder


AC Servo Screw Driver​

KX Driver (SD550 Series)

KX Driver with compact and lightweight Optimized tightening, with a compact and lightweight design, the SD550 is the latest update to the KX Driver series of screw driving motors.

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Screw Driving Robots


NITOMAN SR375Yθ is a Yθ type of screw driving robot with straight and slewing motions which is our original model. The robot body is compact with a breadth of approximately 400 mm, saving space for installation of several units.

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Single Spindle Screw Driving Machine

FM513V (Z)

We provide more high quality Screw driving
result with thrust control system.

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Multi Spindle Screw Driving Machine


FEEDMAT<R>FM5000 is an automatic
multi-spindle screwdriver capable of fastening of
two or more screws at a time.

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Screw Feeder


FF503H is a horizontal feeding type of screw feeder that has so many field applications. Because of equipment with universal power supply system, it is enable to be used everywhere in the world. CE complied type is also available.

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