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Contract processing for surface treatment including fluorocarbon resin coating and sales of special lubricant

Special lubrican

SOLVEST special lubrican

The wave motion of S evolves Tribology. Special lubricant of STT SOLVEST®

We deliver even a spray immediately from the paste of a molybdenum disulfide.

More details⇒STT inc. website  


NIPPECO special grease

Tomorrow's craftsmanship produced from grease.Each grease of NIPPECO.

We deliver immediately the exclusive greases including the cartridge grease for plastic molding machines set by the use.

More detailsNIPPECO website

In addition, special lubricant

Lubricant of the brand of a visitor's specification orders and it hears.

Fluorine grease is begun and it is a special spray etc.


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