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Contract processing for surface treatment including fluorocarbon resin coating and sales of special lubricant

Please leave it if fluororesin coating (Teflon processing)!


​─ Various problems occurring on the surface ─

Same day estimate

We will reply the delivery date and quotation on that day you inquired. Drawings etc. are required to calculate the surface area.

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Quantity from 1

We also accept coatings from one piece, such as prototypes. Since it is equipped with mass production line, it is possible to correspond to the order with large lot number.

Response in a hurry

It is an ultra-speed delivery service when urgent is required, such as prototype of urgent urgent.

Film thickness control

Finish the product to the specified film thickness.

Maximum processing size


It is the maximum external size of paintable products.


​─ Special Feature ─

We have started selling Imagawayaki, Taiyaki, etc. using our coated formwork!

The mold coated by our company is hard to be burnt and can achieve a beautiful baking.It is easy to remove from the mold after baking and is easy to maintain.

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​─ Service&Products ─


Fluorine Resin Coating

It is un-adhering and low slide coating which have gained popularity very much since the service start. The product use navalon®of OKITSUMO which is manufacturing and selling in Thailand, and corresponding to a visitor's use, the purpose, the material, etc. ​I propose. Moreover, if you can specify, I will order and process any makers' product.

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Processing non-adhering
​[ concavo-convex ]

Zinc flakes antirust coating

Fluoride eutectoid plating

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Special lubrican


■SOLVEST special lubrican (STT inc.) ■special grease (NIPPECO) ■In addition, special lubricant

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We are certified according to ISO9001:2015

THAIMETCOAT aquired ISO 9001:2015 certification as the International Standard of the quality management system ISO9001 was revised from year 2008 version to 2015.


Latest Update 24 Sep 2020
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