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Blaston (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Uniforms, cleanroom suits and factory expendables.

Blaston (Thailand)Co.,Ltd. is a Thai subsidiary of Blaston Co., Ltd.(our headquarter in Japan) established in year 1923, a manufacturer and distributor of work uniforms, cleanroom suits and factory expendables. Starting cleanroom business in 1991, we now offer various cleanroom products based on the knowledge and experience gained and developed over the decades. Our cleanroom products are used in various industries such as semiconductor, micro-motors, electronic circuit boards, precision equipment, HDD, liquid crystal, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry.


Product Code BSC-84301
Material Low density polyethylene
Size 600 x 900 mm
Packing 10 mats/Box
 (30 layers per mat)
Adhesibility 300g / 25mm
Color  Green
 Blue  *SOLD OUT
 White  *SOLD OUT

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Product Code BSC-92004S
Material Artificial Leather
Shoe sole polyurethane
Shoe width 3E
ค่าป้องกันไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ 105~109
Size(cm) 22.0 / 22.5 / 23.0 / 23.5 / 24.0 / 24.5 / 25.0 / 25.5 / 26.0 / 26.5 / 27.0 / 28.0 / 29.0 / 30.0

Light and Cushioning

Suitable for the places where required to prevent dusts and electrification of static electricity


Our Products

Since we began selling cleanroom uniforms in Asian countries including China, we have seen a number of
nonconforming items; for example, cleanroom products sewn with short fiber yarn spun with the cut surface being exposed
like normal clothing which generates air contamination, also conductive fabric with no conductive performance.
Assured that our products are produced in the same sewing method with long filament yarn,
fabric and accessories as those sold in Japan applicable for high level cleanroom manufacturing.

Cleanroom Suits

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Hood, Mask, Cap

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Shoes, Gloves

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Mat, Roller, Wiper

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Others, Clean goods

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Disposal type

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's “Measurement Film Solution”

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Heat distribution
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UV light distribution
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Blaston Thailand is an authorized Fujifilm distributor.

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