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The Worlds Total Integrated Grinding Machine Manufacturer

Ultra Precision Surface Grinding Machine

Precision Surface Grinding Machine
- Next standard surface grinder series -




ACC-SA1 Series is a next standard surface grinder series equipped with a newly developed user friendly controller for more capability and reliable , makes it easy to operate the machine.


・Best Machine For Replacement of PSG/ACC-DX Series.

・Position Teaching system for Crossfeed stroke.

・Compact Footprint Design.

・New Control Allows For Easy Monitoring of Different lnformation and LCD Touch Screen.

・Auto Dress with Compensation is Standard.

・Spindle Inverter Unit is Standard.

・Auto-Retract Function is Standard.


    52SA1 63SA1 64SA1 65SA1 84SA1 105SA1
Table Working Area (L x W) mm 550 x 200 605 x 300 605 x 400 650 x 500 850 x 400 1016 x 500
Distance from Grinding Wheel
to Table surface
mm 397.5 322.5(50Hz) / 347.5(60Hz) 322.5(50Hz) / 347.5(62Hz)
Grinding Wheel mm φ205 x 19 x φ50.8 φ355/φ305 x 38 x φ127
Grinding Wheel Spindle Kw/P 1.5 / 2 3.7 / 4
Weight Kg 2100 2800 3000 3500 3900 4600


Latest Update 12 Jul 2023
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