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Okamoto (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
The Worlds Total Integrated Grinding Machine Manufacturer

Okamoto promotes the start-to-finish integrated production system.


Wooden Pattern Casting Painting Machining Assembly Shipping
    Sheet Metal Cleaning Painting


It is Okamoto's motto to provide high-quality and high-precision products.

All casting of machine base are manufactured from wooden pattern.
With group efforts, we are able to make the in-house integrated proudction a reality.

As always, we will continue to supply superb products.


Wooden Pattern


Casting is an important element for machine tool; wooden pattern is essential for castings.
Okamoto design the wooden pattern in house to produce rock-solid castings which is a critical component to a surface grinder. There is strong point to make Grinder with rigid frame.

Type of wooden pattern: Long-lasting wooden mold, Resin pattern, Foam pattern




Okamoto manufacturing products from cast iron. It enables improvement quality, cost reduction and shorter lead time.
It is possible to correspond the base of customers demand.

Production capacity: 1,800ton /month (both old and new factories)




We own one of the largest surface grinding machine in Southeast Asia.


Sheet Metal Work


Laser cutting machine, Gas cutting machine, Turret lathe

Cleaning Line


Automatic painting system




Assembly (Scraping)





A scraping process to reduce the resistance of the slideway surface is essential to the long term peak precision of a surface grinder. We inherit the unique scraping technique and pass on to the next generation.

Production capacity: max.120units /month


Environmental Activities

Casting was newly formed in the Thai plant , We are aiming to clean foundry, it has become a dust and dust collection of gas, plant that was also friendly to sand recovery and reuse and environmental equipment.


Latest Update 28 Jun 2023
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