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CNC High Precision Form Grinding Machine ​HPG500NC

CNC High Precision Form Grinding Machine Series

CNC High Precision Form Grinding Machine

※Photo shown with optional accessories.



SERIES line-up



higher Vertical & Cross positioning accuracy Form Grinder with non hydraulic oil system.


・Vertical and Crossfeed minimum setting is 0.1μm. Precision specifications by scraping alignment for longitudinal and crossfeed slide adopted V-V sliding way.

・Rigidity ratio of grinding wheel spindle is 1.45 times conventional machine. Increase the frame size for stability of the crossfeed.

・The Linear guide construction eliminates the thermal displacement, oil waste and reduces CO2 emission 199.2Kg.

・Vertical and Crossfeed scale feedback is standard specification. Wheel spindle motor 2.2kW and wheel spindle inverter also standard specification.


Table Working Area (L x W) mm 500 × 150
Distance from Grinding Wheel to Table surface mm 390
Grinding Wheel mm φ180 × 6 ~ 32 × φ31.75
Grinding Wheel Spindle Kw/P 2.2 / 2
Weight Kg 1600


Latest Update 12 Jul 2023
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