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AERO LAP - Mirror Finishing Machine (Lapping Machine) -

Mold & Die Cutting tool Coating Resin, Glass

Enables the unique and innovative lapping technology. Instantly laps dies with complex shapes to superfine finish, maintaining their shapes and sizes.

 AERO LAP effects 

AERO LAP produces various effects in the products and the work environment as follows.

To shorten the process and the processing time, reduce the material procurement cost and create high added value. To extend the operating life of the tool, resulting in reduction of the material. Procurement cost and the repolishing cost, improvement of cutting performance and high added value creation. To improve coating adhesion/performance and create high added value.

Cold forging die lapped by AERO LAP

Standard YT-300 (200V or 380V)
Air pressure 0.5MPa
Size W565 x H1600 x D900mm
Weight 200kg

Standard YT-100 (100V)
Air pressure 0.5MPa
Size W465 x H1255 x D650mm
Weight 115kg




Multi Cone, abrasive media, consisting of abrasive particles and moisture, is elastic and adhesive. In the lapping process, Multi Cone slides on the surface of the workpiece at high speed. The sliding frictional force thus generated helps to polish the surface to a mirror finish.


AERO LAP effect of Coating

■ Thirty-second lapping by AERO LAP YT-300

Surface roughness after coating (PVD-TiN): Ra0.195μm

Surface roughness reduced to Ra0.038μm (approx. 1/5): Slidability and demoldability improved.

■ Carbide / special-shape PUNCH

After PG processing: Ry1μm x 20

After 3-minute lapping by AERO LAP: Ry0.3μm x 20

■ Other

left half : processed / right half : unprocessed


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