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Miyathai Corporation Co., Ltd.
Metal Working oil (Cutting/Grinding oils, Coolant oils, Anti-rust oils, ) and other Industrial oils Fire alarm systems and SPD (Surge Protective Device).

Our technical fruits based on a long business history 
specialized in the electrode materials.

"EK METALS" are precipitation hardening type special alloys produced through our strictly controlled process of solution as well as precipitation heat treatment subsequent to some plastic deformation processes - extruding, drawing, forging or rolling - of their alloyed ingots cast by quality controlled melting of respective chemical compositions made of copper and other component (Cr, Zr, Ti, Be, Ni) with some special elements as additive.
"EK METALS" have the outstanding features of high temperature endurance, thrmal and electric conductivities in virtue of our selected process control mmentioned above.


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